Reiki is a Japanese method of healing developed by Buddhist Dr Mikao Usui.  Reiki uses the natural universal life energy (Rei) and life force (Ki) that animates all living beings.  This creates balance and harmony in the receiver which promotes healing.  I came across this powerful balance of life force and life energy in 2014.  I have reached Level II training and am in awe of the powerful healing that takes place in a effortless, gentle manner.

I transmit this neutral, loving current through my body as the practitioner to the receiver.  The safe, non-invasive and relaxed environment creates the perfect condition for healing and unity to occur.  Reiki energy is administered through light touch or floating hands over various parts of the fully clothed body.  The practitioner acts as a channel of the energy with a purposeful intent to promote and support the recipients own natural capacity for self healing.

The benefits of Reiki are that it reduces stress.  It facilitates an overall sense of wellbeing and calm.  Reiki eases pain and discomfort, balances emotions and enhances clarity.

I guide Reiki 1-on-1 in a sacred, trusting and relaxing space, where we maintain a sense of quiet.  A deep sense of surrender is felt, a glorious gift of self – love and worthiness.  Sessions are 60 minutes long and  the cost is a donational contribution.