A brief overview

Having been involved in Mindful sessions whilst I was teaching preschool, I realised how beneficial these classes are not only for the young. I have been practicing meditation for at least 10 years through my regular yoga practice. It has certainly assisted me in feeling more connected and aware of how I react and respond on a daily basis. I feel calmer and less tense especially when I feel challenged and chaotic and confused. I have participated in MBSR (Mind Body Stress Release) based on the work of Prof Jon Kabat Zinn course with Linda Kantor and have incorporated Mindfulness into my daily practice.

Definition: Mindfulness is the self-regulation of attention with an attitude of curiosity, openness, and acceptance.

Mindfulness is simply being in this moment right here, right now with nothing to do and nowhere to go.  It is the ability to notice and pay attention to your feelings and thoughts without getting carried away by them.

Mindfulness for children

Through the practice of various mindful activities, children are given the tools to help them calm down, slow down and connect.  Children can be overwhelmed and weighed down by their thoughts and emotions especially in this very fast paced world that we live in. Mindfulness teaches the child to pause, notice and respond, rather than react to a situation, by being aware of the way they feel. They learn to feel calmer, connected and compassionate towards themselves and others.

Mindfulness practiced regularly can help children improve their ability to:

  • pay attention and boost memory and concentration
  • empathise and understand others
  • increase self-awareness and improve impulse control
  • increase calm and creativity
  • make better decisions and resolve conflict
  • help with emotional regulation and cognitive focus

I am available to guide your children aged 4 – 11 years old during the term at my home or at your home as an afternoon activity. I  also  hold monthly workshops for children.  These take place in a fun and creative space. 


For times and days please contact me for further details.
Sessions are 45 minutes. Cost from R150 per child per session plus a once-off registration fee.
Workshops are 2.5 hours. Cost R400 per child.

Session Outline:

I teach weekly classes during the school term.  I teach in a safe space, where trust is created allowing the child to express and to be heard. I am the example showing my dedication to the practice. The sessions are child centred and I encourage discussion around feelings and emotions.  We start off slowly and build our practice each week.  The sessions vary each week and  I may use a singing bowl, bell, tingshas, props or music.

We begin with a Check In

We connect with ourselves as best we can and explore how we feel today.


We focus our minds and become aware of our bodies.


We become alert to the power of our breath which has a calming and grounding effect.


Using a moment to relax, pause, and focus encouraging self-awareness

Mindful Games
and Art

We create and have fun whilst paying attention to our thoughts and feelings without judgement

Affirmations and
Positive Thoughts

We realise that using words that make us feel good makes us happy, building self-confidence and self worth.