Awareness Coach

Awareness coaching begins with your sharing of what YOU know, what YOU understand and believe and how YOU think and feel!

Through a series of 60-90 minute sessions, we take a look together at what is bothering and hindering you from attaining your goals and purpose to find balance and peace.

We begin to gently unpack and unravel areas and patterns that are no longer serving you.  We will explore aspects that you are holding on to creating frustration, anxiety and exhaustion. Through sharing, listening and the healing process, we slowly realise that these challenges are here to teach us more about ourselves, and to help us release old patterns and limiting belief systems. You will be nudged and encouraged to go deeper into all areas of yourself, giving a profound and cathartic opportunity to evolve, grow and advance. We will also learn that we attract and create through our thoughts and intentions, encouraging us to choose the way we think and feel mindfully, assisting us to shape our lives and the world around us.

We methodically start to rediscover and build the song of our heart, our true authentic selves, creating our own dance, our own way of being, our own unique life ways.  This we do by exploring and making real our purpose.  The guidance and coaching practice will assist you in understanding clearly, assisting you to step into your full potential, and building awareness and consciousness, deeply discovering your own essence and gifts within.

We will use creative expression and techniques, life experiences, vision mapping, affirmations and silencing to further your journey within, exploring your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual threads to weave a tapestry filled with magic and wonder, bringing you to a place of beauty, bliss and bounty.  This will allow you to live a life filled with love, resilience and balance. 

A safe, warm and neutral space is created; all information is treated as sacred and confidential, honouring and allowing your choice to reclaim your power and sense of joy and valuing your process fully for us both to learn from.

In Gratitude

I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.” ~ Carl Sandburg