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My journey as an Awareness Coach started when I began my education as a Montessori Directress. 

This choice of educational system in itself was rather different and it immediately piqued my interest and curiosity.

It was just up my alley as I was already excited to explore the extraordinary and unusual.

Through learning about the child and the philosophy of Montessori Education I started to question:

  • Why was I misunderstood at school?
  • Why was my home life such a challenge?
  • Why did I need everything to be perfect and ordered to feel in control and empowered?
  • Why did I have moments of joy and also of anger?
  • Why did I get caught up in my thoughts and feelings of fear and worry?

I began the pursuit of trying to figure these questions out. 

I realised that reading books and chatting to people was a great way to gain further knowledge and also to let off some steam.

But I soon found that these avenues where not fulfilling my need to go deeper and identify the if, how, and why of a given situation.

I embarked on a series of personal one-on-one sessions at a time when I was feeling alone, hurt, disconnected and questioning. 

These became my greatest gifts. 

Through the coach sessions I learnt that my greatest challenges are there to assist me to choose, let go, and grow.

I needed to look at myself deeply, add in trust, and learn to look through new eyes. 

After hard work and coming to a place of balance, and feeling lighter and much less overwhelmed and controlling, I was afforded an opportunity to study coaching and so I continued my journey of going even deeper within. 

Here I learnt to guide, observe and avail tools to others in a caring, kind and compassionate way. 

I did this within one of the harshest and hardest environments, again off the beaten track, working in various Cape Town prisons, guiding and coaching inmates who had chosen to turn their lives around. 

This was an exceptionally humbling experience.  I learnt more about myself and the nature of being human. 

I learnt not to judge others, but rather choose to be allowing and forgiving.  We are all on different paths, who am I to judge this.

I then decided to continue coaching in a more one-on-one capacity. This was the start of Awareness coach. 

I started coaching clients of varying ages with a variety of challenges. I also reconnected with Woman for Afrika: a voluntary organisation run by woman for women. Their vision is to “create a community of women supporting each other on their journey of healing, connection, self-discovery and empowerment”.

I started staffing on the Women Within weekends held twice a year. I loved working in a team and the dynamics thereof.

Continuous learning of myself and fine-tuning ME as a person through the feminine aspect was where I touched on strength in vulnerability.

I felt an urge to go back to teach after a break from the little people.  Here I could contribute to others through my experience and life lessons which I had gained. 

I was able to understand and assist parents, teachers and colleagues with wisdom, perspicacity and compassion.

I truly believe that we attract that which we need and I started to teach at a school where one of the staff members was a Reiki Master.

I have always been interested in Reiki, a form of spiritual healing using “universal life energy” channeled through the practitioner to the recipient. 

After training as a level II reiki guide I started to adjust family and friends for fun.  It was more about the knowledge of this natural and deeply spiritual learning that I was interested in rather than the administering of it. 

The principles of Reiki work symbiotically with the values and ideals of awareness coach and the preparation of the Montessori teacher where ultimately I am just the guide assisting you to reach wholeness.

I was introduced to Mindfulness through my Kundalini yoga practice but more in the form of meditation and mantra.

Once I was back teaching it was here that I observed the immense benefits of mindful enquiry in the classroom not only for the children but for the staff. 

I then attended on an 8 week MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) program and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. I also embarked on a Mindfulness course for kids.

A powerful tool I could incorporate with myself, clients, family and children anywhere, anytime. I was able to give myself permission to be here, now!

Together with my coaching practice, I run mindful sessions for the corporate community as well as children either incorporated within the school day or as an extra mural or in workshop form.

My interest and attraction to that which is extra ordinary and unusual has moulded my unique approach. 

All these learning’s, offerings and experiences from life’s teachings, trials and tribulations, as well as the guidance from my special family, have been essential facets of my journey, and none has been a mistake.

I recognise and acknowledge how I’ve evolved and appreciate that I can contribute, heartfully to extend this out into the world, helping others to grow into the special unique person they are!

I am deeply grateful.

 umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu – I am because we are’